Welcome Florian!

November 30, 2020

We are happy to welcome aquaporin protein production expert Florian Schmitz to Aquammodate! Florian has been involved in joint research activities prior to the start of Aquammodate and we are thrilled to take our relationship to the next level with this signing! Florian will conduct an industrial postdoc in close collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology.

Follow-up grant from Vinnova secured

November 17, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Vinnova awarded us a follow-up grant within part 2 of the Innovative startups program, which allows us to accelerate our efforts on water filter development with co-development partners.  This funding will allow us to actively pursue rapid impact.

We are part of the Katapult Ocean family!

September 30, 2020

We are happy and proud to announce that Aquammodate is one of the 10 companies that have been admitted to Wave 3 of the Katapult Ocean accelerator program in a selection process covering more than 1500 ocean related startups globally! The accelerator program has already kicked off and we look forward to 3 intense months where we get to work on perfecting all aspects of the company. And most of all, being a part of the great Katapult Ocean family!

Global finals next!

September 10, 2020

Aquammodate grabbed the 1st place in the Cleantech category of the European ClimateLaunchpad finals and was thereby qualified for the Global Grand final taking place on the 30th of September!

Aquammodate accepted into the EIT Climate-KIC accelerator

September 7, 2020

Following an intense two-day bootcamp, Aquammodate was selected as one of the ten companies from the Nordics that got accepted into the EIT Climate-KIC accelerator program!

Aquammodate qualifies for European ClimateLaunchpad finals

August 12, 2020

Aquammodate qualified for the European ClimateLauchpad finals by aquiring a top position in the Nordic finals. ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition on a mission to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change.

Aquammodate CEO and co-founder Simon awarded the ÅForsk entrepreneurial scholarship

April 1, 2020

Simon was named one of the 10 most innovative entrepreneurs in Sweden and was therefore awarded the ÅForsk entrepreneurial scholarship. 

This award factors in more components than the achievements by Simon alone and this award is therefore truly a result of the great team effort that we are all contributing to on our quest to accommodate the world’s need for clean water.

The Kamprad Family Foundation funds joint research project between Professor Martin Andersson and Aquammodate

February 27, 2020

Aquammodate will take active part in an application-oriented Postdoc project headed by Professor Martin Andersson at Chalmers University of Technology, focusing on the development of filters that will enable energy-efficient and accessible drinking water production from sea water. Our joint application was awarded a Research and Education grant from the prestigious Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity.

Welcome Nima!

January 7, 2020

Nima is our new Business Developer and brings previous experience from business development to the team. He has a background in Automation & Mechatronics and Entrepreneurship & Business Design. Together with his passion for Star Trek he is now ready to boldly go where no one has gone before to reinvent natural water purification.

Welcome Shilan!

January 7, 2020

Shilan is our Senior Advisor and brings experience working with disruptive innovations from different technology areas mostly from Autonomous driving eco system. Shilan has a broad network and lots of experience that enable Aquammodate to take the leap from research to a product that will make huge impact globally. She has a background in engineering and business development. She is an engineer passionate about bringing products to this earth with huge impact on the society. She has experience from Board of Director for Engineering without borders and openhack.

Shilan is eager to bring all her experience from disruptive technology and innovation ideas to make Aquammodate a world leading partner in the water purification industry.

Aquammodate selected as a Venture Cup IDEA Topp 20 winner

December 12, 2019

Aquammodate was acknowledged as having one of the 20 most promising business ideas in Sweden by being selected as a winner in the Venture Cup IDEA competition!


Aquammodate named a Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneer

November 6, 2019

Aquammodate has been named one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers, from over 5000 applications from 128 countries!

Come and meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on March 12-13, 2020!


Aquammodate recieves the "Innovativa Startups steg 1" grant

October 23, 2019

Aquammodate recieved the Vinnova grant Innovativa Startups steg 1 from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova. This grant will fund our efforts in building a water filter prototype.

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Welcome Jenny!

July 15, 2019

Jenny is our first recruitment and she will be in charge of product development. She provides Aquammodate with lots of energy and enthusiasm in addition to plenty of experience from both industry and academia!

Proof of concept development

May 16, 2019

Aquammodate has secured funding from the “Verifiering för Tillväxt” program of the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, administered by the Chalmers Innovation Office. This funding provides us with the opportunity to develop our first proof of concept filter!