game-changing water purification

Incorporating natural water purification into filters!

We have conducted academic research since 2013 with the aim to harvest the incredible potential of natural water purification. It’s time to put it into use!

Our patent pending water purification technology has developed over the course of a PhD project within Chalmers University of Technology. Aquammodate was founded in 2019 with the aim to bring this technology for energy-efficient and high purity grade water purification to people and industry in need. 

We are situated in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, where the team presented below is currently working hard to realize our high ambitions. 

The Aquammodate Team consists of Jenny Perez Holmberg, Nima Ahmadyan, Shilan Demir, Martin Andersson, and Simon Isaksson

A mix of highly qualified technological expertise and entrepreneurial experience

Simon, Martin, Jenny, Nima, and Shilan

The Aquammodate team currently consists of the co-founders Simon Isaksson (CEO) and Martin Andersson (Chairman of the board) plus the product developer Jenny Perez Holmberg, the business developer Nima Ahmadyan, and the senior advisor Shilan Demir.

Simon, Martin, and Jenny hold PhD degrees within different areas of Materials Science. Martin also holds a Professorship and has extensive startup experience from being a serial entrepreneur. Nima and Shilan possess extensive experience from business development within growing companies.


Numbers speak for themselves

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We’re devoted to providing clean drinking water to almost 1,000,000,000 people that are in the greatest need.